Create a Thanksgiving Kids’ Table Kids Will be Thankful For

As families and friends gather together to give thanks this November, the task of creating a festively decorated table is becoming as important as choosing the type of stuffing to make or determining the exact start time for properly cooking the turkey. And often due to limited floor space, we’re left with having to separate the children from the adults, designating what’s known as the proverbial, and sometimes dreaded, “kids’ table”.

Not this year!

With just the right combination of practical, entertaining, and surprisingly fun tablescaping, you’ll be able to create a Thanksgiving kids’ table your kids will be thankful for….for sure!

Let’s start with the…


  • Cover table with a stylish craft paper placement runner – craft paper rolls are available at most box stores and can be used for…wait for it…crafting!
  • Use color-coordinated earth-toned paper plates. They’ll save on washing later and can’t be broken.


  • Trace ‘n draw your own “color by number” Thanksgiving turkey. Simply cut out a pre-made template like this one by (Click Here) onto your craft paper, then provide plenty of crayons…fun!

  • Provide some sweet competition with a “Guess how many?” jar of candy corn. The winner will receive a special surprise.


  • Wrap each napkin with an “I’m thankful for” autumn leaf. It’s always surprising what kids will say and a great way to remind them and everyone at your gathering the reason for the day. Printable download available (Click Here).


  1. Using the downloadable printout, copy as many leaves as there are guests onto cardstock paper.
  2. Cut out each leaf, then punch a hole and insert a hanging loop with twine.
  3. Wrap napkins with leaf and a pencil.
  4. Hang on a centerpiece for kids to read (out loud or on their own).

  • Create a surprise-inside “Pilgrim’s Hat Cornucopia”. They’re a fun take on the “nut cup” and completely edible.

How to Create a Surprise-Inside Pilgrim’s Hat Cornucopia

(Video Tutorial: Click Here)


  • cake cone (regular or rainbow with colored cones)
  • food coloring spray (Wilton Color Mist – black)
  • frosting (Betty Crocker Decorating Cake Icing)
  • chocolate wafers
  • candy corn & M&M’s (or any candy you wish)
  • peanuts
  • black licorice


  1. Spray the outside of your cake cones with the black food color, allow to dry about 15-20 mins.
  2. Pipe a stripe of frosting around the middle edge of the cone. Add a yellow M&M for the buckle. Then pipe a square around the M&M.
  3. Fill cone with candy and nuts.
  4. Pipe frosting around the inner edge of cake cone. Top with a chocolate wafer.
  5. Place in freezer to set. Can be left in the freezer for a couple days ahead of your party or dinner.