Earth Day DIYs

As a designer and parent, I’m always on the look-out for innovative and creative ways to live, decorate and DIY. Since Earth Day is approaching, I perused many sites to gather some eco-inspired ideas for you. So let’s get green! Check out these smart ways to celebrate the earth with your kids.


It’s never too early to teach kids healthy, sustainable lifestyle habits, like growing your own garden, even if it’s just planting a few veggies, fruits or herbs to get you started. I found some very inspiring links with fun and engaging ideas for the little ones. This first gardening inspiration is about planting seedlings using egg shells. Find the detailed how-to here.

I also discovered a great resource for plant-inspired printables via Lemon Lime Adventures, perfect for toddlers to express their creativity and explore the great outdoors. Doing activities together like digging in the soil, planting seeds, journaling discoveries, and drawing garden inspirations are all perfect ways to celebrate the earth and get all their senses involved in the process.

Gardening is also an excellent way to get your older kids invested in learning how to care for themselves and their environment. Thinking and eating organic is currently very hip among young kids and teens, so let’s take advantage of it. Get your kids involved in planning the layout of the garden and deciding what seeds and plants to grow. Through hands-on experience, they’ll learn how to care for and maintain a growing garden, and more importantly, gain insight into cultivating a sustainable lifestyle.

Gardening Know How is a great source for kids’ gardening ideas, including ideas for planting butterfly and sensory gardens. You can customize the garden to your kid’s special interests. I know when my daughter Bela was little she was completely obsessed with butterflies. While all the other kids were on the playground, she was chasing butterflies (a budding scientist). Planting flowers and plants that intentionally attract butterflies is an excellent way to connect with your little butterfly lover, too.

Another way to plant green is to simply bring a little green to your interior spaces. You can use these ideas for planting herbs or other indoor plants.


When you DIY, or Do It Yourself, you are instilling the principle of re-using and re-purposing. A perfect lesson for the kids on Earth Day and every day.

I found some simple DIY ideas for creating these charming planters…


I love this one via Gold Standard Workshop. I am always especially excited about projects that can be accomplished fairly easily (before the attention span wears off). This one is perfect. Simple and sweet.

Or, try your hand at the dip-dying trend with these cool painted pots via I Spy DIY

…or go for gold with these gold-splattered mini planters.

You can find the step-by-step tutorial here for these pretty pastel planters (there’s also an inventive idea for recycling your coffee lids and crafting some decorative painted pots…be sure to click over to check it out).

I found all sorts of Earth Day-Inspired ideas for kids via Natural Beach Living, and discovered this fun-looking balloon stamping art via I Heart Arts N Crafts, below.

In addition to planting and creating green, another way to celebrate Earth Day is by eating green.


Teaching kids healthy eating habits is key to ensuring their health and happiness. Chances are they’ll be teaching you soon enough (as I can attest with two health-food-loving teens). There are so many incredible ideas out there now for making healthy foods FUN. My whole family loves smoothies, made with fruit and lots of fresh greens. It’s easy to make them super tasty too. I found some fantastic ideas for prepping the smoothie mixes ahead of schedule so you’re always prepared for snack time.

Get tips on pre-packing fresh ingredients and find some yummy smoothie recipes via Clean Food Crush.

Smoothies are fun to make and create together. You can always improvise recipes by adding your favorites. Simply use a little water, almond milk or juice for the base, add frozen fruit (bananas add great thickness and texture), and then add fresh greens like spinach or kale for an Earth Day-inspired spike of GREEN. There are more great green smoothie recipes specifically designed for kids here.

Another fun way to incorporate veggies in their diet is to have some fun with shapes, like creating noodles from zucchini, or Zoodles. There are two great recipes for this simple and delicious pasta-esque dish here and here.

Of course, in addition to eating green, there are so many ways to observe and honor EARTH DAY. In big and little ways. It’s a great time to remind your kids (and yourself) to Reduce, Re-use and Recycle. We are getting more and more sophisticated at putting these things into practice, but it’s still easy to forget to implement those basics on the daily.

Why not take a moment to take in all the green goodness that surrounds us, and celebrate the earth.