Spring Crafts

Hooray for SPRING!!!

It was cold in New York on the first day of Spring this year, but finally, the thermometer hit 60 degrees today and the kids and I hit our local garden center bumping into half our town, frantic with Spring Fever!

Wanting to spend the first warm day outside on our deck in creative play, I had in mind to re-create a terracotta pot craft I’d seen on Pinterest and brought the kids with me to pick out paint colors to decorate the flower pots.  I also wanted to add a special Trim Queen touch by making and tying on a tassel if I could find rope or colored cording that was suitable for outdoor use.

Unless you’ve been on a social media fast, you know that we are in the middle of a tassel craze.  From fashion to décor, tassels are embellishing our clothing, shoes and our homes.

As a trimmings designer, the base of all my work is fibers.  From twisted cording,  woven tapes to tassel fringes, all trimmings utilize yarns in various fibers, from cotton, jute, rayon, linen, wool and chenille.  For this tassel project I didn’t need my usual “fine yarns” but sturdy ones, able to withstand the sun and rain outside.  Regular gardening sisal rope fit the bill and we found nylon twine that would hold up to the elements.

My kids, and now most of their friends, know how to make tassels from playdates turned crafting sessions at our home. (Hey if you can tie your shoes, you can make a tassel.) Making tassels is fun and productive, it incorporates counting and using fine motor skills for cutting and tying yarn.  As I was amassing my usual Springtime gardening inspiration on Pinterest, I started a board called  Springtime Yarn Crafting for Kids.  With a free sunny afternoon on hand, and a quick trip to the nursery,  one of my pins was coming to life with a kid maker session.

So…here’s what we came up with, and as usual, my talented crew put their creative spin on it and surpassed my expectations.

The Tasseled Spring Flower Pot

What you will need:

  • Terracotta pots
  • Heavy duty double stick tape or a glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Sisal Rope (3/8” is good)
  • Nylon Mason Twine (a few colors for tassels)
  • Outdoor paint (we got 4 small sample jars in bright colors)
  • Various flowers and ferns for planting
  • Cardboard for wrapping tassels

Wrap the pot with sisal rope:

  • Secure the edge of the rope with double stick tape or glue
  • Wrap the rope around the pot as many rows as desired
  • Cut the end and glue it to the pot
  • Paint the rope if desired or paint part of the pot

How to make your tassel:

  • Estimate how long you want the tassel to be
  • Cut cardboard twice the length of this If you want a 4” tassel your cardboard should be 8” long and about 4” wide.
  • Wrap the nylon twine 25 times or so around the cardboard
  • Gently shimmy the yarn off the cardboard and tie a long 12” piece of twine around the center to secure, using a double knot
  • Hold the yarns together and wrap the “neck” of the tassel about 1” down from the top of the head of the tassel, double knot to secure and cut ends.

  • Cut the bottom loops of the twine then trim to even out the ends of the yarns
  • Tie the tassel around your cord covered pot

Finally, insert your plant for your own Pinterest-worthy creation!

I think the children were surprised at how great these turned out and I enjoyed watching them help one another make the tassels. We had so much fun and I am hoping I get one gifted to me for Mother’s Day!  I think I’ll do a repeat session for teachers’ gifts later on in May.

There are a million variations, I hope you enjoy making these with your family and check out all the yarn crafts on my Pinterest board for further fun fodder!