Americana Decor

In honor of Labor Day, I wanted to share with you some of my favorite home decorating and design inspirations featuring Americana flair.  Some examples are very traditional coastal looks, some have a more modern take on All-American design and others have just a hint of it but still enough to make a statement.  I hope you enjoy!

Flag Feature

One of the most obvious ways to celebrate Labor Day is by featuring our beautiful national flag.  Isn’t she pretty?!  She really is and I love seeing one as the focal point of the room.  The first photo below shows some layering with a flag on the wall and two flags as accent pieces.  It works very well with a bright and airy room.  The second photo gets a little more creative by not only cutting the flag up into four pieces but also using old window frames as a decorative piece.  I love a DIY project!


Flag feature 1                 


 Statement Piece

The American flag isn’t the only American symbol you can use to add some elements of Americana décor.  A map is also a great way to show your pride in a more permanent way.   I found some incredibly unique examples of a map of the United States used as statement pieces, like this out-of-this-world bookshelf.  Talk about a shelfie! A more subtle statement piece is the distressed map.  And for your crafternoon session, why not have fun and cut up a bunch of different fabrics to create this fun map.


Statement piece 1           Statement Piece - wooden map          Statement piece fabric map

                                                                                   (Click on the images above for links to DIY details for these great projects!)


I found bedding to be a really easy way to incorporate American flair as it is very easy to change out textiles, pillows and linens. You can easily switch them in and out for the holiday.  Below are some of my favorite bedding from Anthropologie, Deny Designs and the Barclay Butera line for Eastern Accents.

Bedding 3       Bedding 2     Bedding 1


Along the lines of bedding, accessories are not only interchangeable, they are also a great way to add elements of American décor without overdoing it.  This first picture is one of my favorites of all time; it’s so effortlessly perfect with just the right about of accent pieces. What I also love about this photo is that sometimes people feel adding American décor to the room makes it look less elegant.  Well, as you can see that is certainly not the case here.  The second photo shows us how to mix accessories such as the sailboat and coral reef with an old American flag.   Brilliant!

Accessories 1                Accessories #2

                                           (Click the images above for details)

Rustic Americana

I don’t know about you, but something about a rustic room screams America to me!  It might be all the old western movies I used to watch with my dad.  Thankfully, rustic chic is in and better than ever.  Reclaimed wood, deer heads, traditional fireplaces and leather are iconic elements to transform your living space into the perfect American home.

Rustic 3        Rustic 2       Rustic 1

I hope you enjoyed celebrating All-American design with me and that I’ve inspired you to incorporate some American flair into your home.