DIY: Bubble Wands

Summertime is made for kids.  It evokes images and expectations of playful fun in the sun.  Popsicles and sidewalk chalk. Swimming pools and sprinklers. There are certain summer-specific memories that will last a lifetime. Why not bring some of your own fond summertime childhood memories to your arts + crafts projects with the kids?

One of my favorite summer activities is bubble-blowing.  Whether it’s using the brightly colored bottles with built-in wands from the dollar store or filling tubs of home-made suds and using hand-crafted contraptions for making big bubble magic.

A favorite memory from one of my daughter’s early birthday parties is a pre-blogging DIY I made for her and her friends… homemade bubble wands, crafted from simple dowel sticks and colorful wire, similar to this…


I searched a few favorite sites and found some other great ideas for creating some summertime fun with bubbles.   So simple, even the little ones can create these pretty wands in an instant. I also love the simple Mason jar to hold the bubble mixture.  Check-out these links for DIY instructions…Pipe-cleaner Wands  and  Wire Hanger Wands

BubbleWandCollage1  BubbleWandCollage BubbleWandCollage3

Wands made of Wire + Beads

Beads add lots of color and offer all sorts of ways to personalize the wands.

Click here to check-out these creative ideas…



And more homemade bubble wands!


morebeadandwirewands           morebeadandwirewands2

The Artful Parent blog also has a great recipe for making your own soap + water mixture for bubble-blowing…Check it out here.

There are so many playful and inspiring ideas out there to add even more fun to your summer.  Go ahead, explore the possibilities…and be sure to blow some bubbles of your own.