Be Brave

Sometimes when I scroll through social media looking for a little design inspiration, I come across a quote that gets my attention.  I stumbled upon such a quote recently.  Two words…”Be Brave”…in a bold, rainbow-colored graphic. Two little words with very big meaning.

I love the simplicity + power of the message.  For adults + kids alike.

I’m sure as a parent, you find yourself teaching and encouraging your child to make decisions of bravery on a regular basis.  Whether it’s to be brave in friendships or in athletics…or in a broader sense, to be brave in big ways… to courageously stand up for someone less fortunate or to bravely fight the fight of sadness or sickness.  There are countless opportunities to take a deep breath and determine to simply do the right thing, the bold thing, the brave thing.

To be brave in life is honorable.

Though it’s only a small start, I love the idea of being brave in creativity.  To be bold…to throw a little caution to the wind when creating, whether you’re creating a piece of art or music or dance or interior design.  Being brave means not being afraid of making a mistake…setting aside the need to do things perfectly, but instead doing things with creativity + imagination.  To be brave is to explore, invent, create, experiment…to step out of your comfort zone + take a risk.

I pulled together a few Smartstuff interiors which are brave + bold statements of design…mixing patterns + brights and having some fun with color.  Take a look at some Smartstuff inspiration…

smartstuff-bold smartstuff-bold2Smartstuff-Pink

Be inspired by the mix.  Go bold.  Add color or stripes.  Layer.  Create a one-of-a-kind space for your child.  Let them add their personal twist.

smartstuff-bold4 smartstuff-bold5

I love the creativity of these spaces.  Be sure to remember to engage your child in the process of selecting colors and accessories to make it their own. A little creativity goes a long way.

And always remember, Go Bold + Be Brave!!!