For the Love of Tassels!

Being a style blogger + interior designer I’m constantly seeking ideas + inspiration.  In the process, I inevitably stumble upon the latest trends.

One trend I’m loving lately is TASSELS.  Tassels, tassels everywhere!… in fashion and in interior design. Perhaps it reminds me of the home-made pom-poms I made when I was a little girl.  A tassel adds instant fun.  And who doesn’t love fun?

So, in my quest for the simple DIYs on-trend, here are some no-hassle tassel ideas:

* Make a throw even cozier for this Fall by adding chunky tassels…

* Or, go for COLOR with this colorful tassel-inspired DIY bedding, created by whimsy darling

smartstuff-tassel3 smartstuff-tassel2

Of course, a colorful, tassel-embellished, warm + cozy throw would look perfect with your Smartstuff bedroom…


And tassels aren’t just for decorating.

For Fall fashion fun,

* Add color + texture to a chain necklace by adding a tassel or two (or more!)

* Or bead your own original creations and layer them for a bohemian look…


{via wishable}

* Don’t forget, Smartstuff has built-in jewelry compartments perfect for organizing all your new hand-made tassel creations…


Happy Tassel Making!

and a very Happy Fall to all!!!