Smart Style

It’s that time again. Time to gear up for a new school year. A fresh start.

Don’t you just love new beginnings? A clean slate.

…And fresh starts + clean slates call for a little (or maybe a lot) of organization, especially when it comes to Back-to-School Style.

So, here are a few more HIP TIPS from a stylist for creating ORDER with your kids’ Back-to-School STYLE:

  1. PURGE the outdated, non-fitting clothing items. Start the organization by evaluating your kid’s closets + dressers before the school year starts. Take some time with your youth to go through their current clothes, shoes and accessories…to purge the items that no longer fit or need repair, or simply have lost their style appeal (take advantage of Smartstuff drawer dividers + felt-lined trays to sort and organize).smartstuff-drawer smartstuff-drawer2
  2. MERGE the keepers with newly purchased items. Once you’ve simplified the mix of clothing options, it will be easier to discern what back-to-school essentials still need to be purchased before the first bell rings. And don’t forget to go through the accessories like socks, belts and jewelry. Don’t forget, Smartstuff hidden compartments help keep the small stuff in order too.smartstuff-jewelry smartstuff-jewelry3
  3. SIMPLIFY your kid’s closets and dressers by sorting clothing in a way they like. Organize by color or by outfit, whatever works for them. It’s never too early to teach kids the benefits of organization. The easier it is to find that favorite shirt and pants, the smoother the early mornings will go. The Smartstuff folding board is a very cool tool to help kids learn how to fold neat stacks of tees and keep things tidy and easy to find.smartstuff-folding
  4. PLAN out your style choices the night before each school day. Encourage your child to select his or her outfit for school the night before. That way, when the alarm blares, there’s one less thing to worry about. Being prepared always helps to smooth the way for a successful start to the day.  I recently found these two great sources for some style ideas for the 2015/2016 school year…backtoschooloutfit1 backtoschooloutfit2                                                                                    {source:simplestylings}

{source: designPOSTinteriors}


With these tips put into action, get a smart start to your back-to-school preparation.  Here’s to happy and smooth mornings, smart organization and getting back to school in style!