Smart Study

When the start of a new school year rolls around, it’s time to re-assess the area you have set aside for homework and school projects – whether it’s an actual desk or the kitchen table. It’s time to re-organize study spaces and bring order to bookshelves so that art + school supplies are at easy access.

As a lover of style + simple DIY projects, I love the idea of recycling + re-purposing containers you already have to make colorful and creative holders for all that school stuff. So I searched the blogosphere and found some bright ideas for storing pencils, art supplies, paper and more…and bringing order to your study space.

Here are some of my DIY favorites…


{source: thehousethatlarsbuilt}

I love these DIY containers, made from recycled tin cans + paper + tape …plus a little craftsmanship. You can bring order + style to your desk with these smart + Eco-savvy solutions.

…or these up-cycled tins, made with fun + colorful craft paper…


{source: sugarbeecrafts}

Another quick-and-easy DIY idea are these paint-dipped tin cans, crafted by dipping cans into paint …


{source: frkmayasloft}

…or these pretty solutions for creating order, made by painting the inside of glass jars with pretty pastels…


{source: kootutmurut}

My final fave find are these gold spray-painted berry baskets, perfect for storing papers, tapes, glue sticks, notepads and more…



I love finding ideas that add style without adding cost to the already long list of back-to-school supplies.

…And don’t forget, Smartstuff desks come naturally equipped with built-in organization…

smartstuff-desk2 smartstuff-desk1

So, seize the moment this month to get your kid’s rooms and study areas all set-up for back-to-school success…ready for lots of homework and plenty of school projects.