Smart Habits for a Smart Start

Alas, it’s the countdown to Back-to-School…and dare I say, perhaps a little creative “juggling” (at least there’s a lot of that going on at my house).

Balancing the chaos is truly an art form.

Back-to-School means new schedules and new expectations, so why not form a few smart habits right from the start? Of course, you may still need to contend with the inevitable frenzies of emotional toddlers or teens, but maybe (just maybe) there will be one less thing to worry about.

Here are a few smart habits to put into place before the school year is in full swing:

  1. Charge laptops, tablets and cell phones every night. Kids of all ages have media they use every day. Be sure they are fully charged and ready for the day ahead. {Smartstuff nightstands have built-in charging portals as a hidden feature. Be sure to take advantage of that.}smartstuff-charging2
  2. Have your kids set their alarms too. Help them take ownership of their school day by taking responsibility to set their alarm for wake-up time. You may need to coach them (or coax them), but they will soon learn to be more and more independent getting themselves ready.smartstuff-charging3
  3. Set out outfits the night before, including socks and shoes. If they plan out their wardrobe choices it will help eliminate at least some of the getting-ready-for-school stress. The goal is to avoid running around the house looking for matching socks, or realizing the shirt they need is at the very bottom of the hamper.


{source: simplestylings}

4. Pack backpacks the night before too. Be sure they have all the essentials they need, including signed forms, books, notebooks, writing utensils, calculators, etc.  Nothing throws off the day more than having to make two trips to school instead of one because you forgot something.


{Check-out this source for the best sales on backpacks this year on us world report}

5.  Pre-plan quick-and-nutritious breakfast options and pre-pack lunches whenever possible. It’s such a time-saver to plan ahead for the food that will keep them going throughout the day. Pre-bag, pre-make, pre-mix…plan with your kids and get them involved in the process, from grocery shopping to preparing and packing (check-out this fun idea at designPOSTinteriors.)


{source: designPOSTinteriors}

(Take a peek at two more great sources for healthy school lunch ideas: simple as that and my mommy style)

Good luck getting you + your family ready for the new school year.  Here’s hoping these smart habits get you and your family off to a smart start.